April 2013
New Remix

Just completed remix for old friend Tom Carpenter owner and designer of Analogue Solutions. He and his partner in crime, Jason Subtractive, have a new up and coming project Sound of Science.

Listen Here

New Corporate Animatic Sound Design

Julian has just completed Sound Design for new animatic logo headers for film and video production company Film Ylem and, in collaboration with VFX company, The Box Creative, for major media distribution company Radioactive Giant.

January 2013
Julian's Sound Design Featured on Boom Library

Julian's recent Sound Design and musical work on the Resident Evil 6 Trailer featured on the Boom Library website.

December 2012
Music Remix and Collaboration News

A few remixes and collaborations are lined up for the New Year. Amongst others. Julian will be working on some tracks with Chinese actress Gwendoline Yeo. As well as being an accomplished actress appearing in movies, TV and video games, Gwendoline is also an amazing musician, her weapon of choice being the Zither so look out for eclectic collaborative tracks in early 2013.

Another collaboration in the works is with Jeff Scheel from Gravity Kills. Julian worked on their last album a few years back and has been friends with Jeff ever since. They’ve always talked about doing something together, so now they will, pretty much for the fun of it really. More news will be forthcoming and tracks for all collaborations will be posted to Soundcloud.

October 2012
Persephone Pre Viz Trailer featured on Unreal Technology Website

The Persephone Pre Viz Trailer, which Julian composed music and built the sound design for, is featured on the Unreal Technology website as part of a write up on the user of their proprietary UDK anumation software with Just Cause Entertainment